Our team from Grand Medical Center created this place for physiotherapy at Grand hotel Velingrad in order to offer you the best care for your physical health.

Physical therapy will help you

  • Stay strong and flexible
  • Fight discomfort caused by any pain
  • Breathe easier
  • Stay fit and active
  • Prevent future injuries

Our primary concern is to provide our clients with excellent service by professional physiotherapists. In order to achieve the best results at our centre what matter most of all is the combination of expertise, proper diagnostics, precise manual therapy as well as modern medical equipment. The  state-of-the-art facilities in Medical Centre Grand follow the latest trends in physical medicine.

Promotional packages with accommodation and procedures


The great location, the mild and healing climate, the excellent conditions for stay offered by the hotel combined with the contemporary medical centre and its highly competent staff create the perfect conditions for recreation and treatment of our guests. Our main goal is to make the stay of our clients memorable so that they return again to Grand hotel Velingrad.

Physiotherapy and special treatments

Full list of all physiotherapy and special treatments can be found on the following links below

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